What in this mind ?

What in this mind ?

Presention of what could be find in this blog and who is this Dr Boo ?

Dr Boo is a musician active mainly in the field of experimental & improvised music, but with very open ears to many different styles of music, and a huge listening habit. So one day, for his pleasure, he decided to make compilations from his favorites tracks (what I like and only what I like) but you'll find very few improvised / experimental shit here; mostly funky, african, arabic, avant rock, blues, ethnic and so on stuff... stuff you can listen to in your car without wondering if the engine actualy broke or there is an alien attack outside - listening during long trips / touring by car was the original purpose of these compilations. He then grouped them into thematic ensembles, whatever they are (style, aesthetics, feeling, period, geographic area and so on). The first of these compilations was released to public in september 2017 and he will try to publish more, maybe monthly or maybe in more ...erractic period, let's see what will happen,...stay tuned on Dr Boo radio !

All these compilations are freely downloadable as zip file from link in the corresponding article.

Disclaimer: I make all that for my pleasure first and do not earn any money from it, so if you find your name in one of these and don't want that please don't sue me and just ask, I'll simply remove the corresponding track and you'll never hear of me anymore

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